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Coin Grades
PROOF (PR, PF) – A coin struck as a specimen of the coinage from specially prepared blanks and dies with polished surfaces that gives the coin a high brilliance. Rather a manufacturing technique than a coin grade.
FDC, BU (Fleur-de-Coin, Brilliant Uncirculated) – A mint state coin, unused, flawless and without any wear, scratches or marks.
UNC (Uncirculated) – A coin in a new condition as issued by the mint. The coin may show slight scratches or (bag) marks (due to the modern minting process).
EF, XF (Extremely Fine) – A coin that shows little sign of having been in circulation but which may show slight surface marks or scratches.
VF (Very Fine) – A coin that shows traces of wear on the raised surfaces as well as slight surface marks and scratches.
F (Fine) – A coin that shows considerable signs of wear on the raised surfaces
Fair – A coin that is worn, but which has the inscriptions and the main features of the design still distinguishable. Or a coin that is weakly struck.
Poor – A very worn coin with no distinguishable features of the design
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Spione, Verräter, Saboteure
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