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Allgemeiner Alsterclub 1949  Allgemeiner Alsterclub 1949 
Allgemeiner Alsterclub 1949. The Winner - AAC Alster Canoe Club Spring Race Mai 22, 1949. Bronze
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Allgemeiner Alsterclub 1950  Allgemeiner Alsterclub 1950 
Allgemeiner Alsterclub 1950. The Winner - AAC Alster Canoe Club and 63th Hamburg Race July 8 and 9, 1950. Bronze
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Apollo 13 (SHELL 1970)  Apollo 13 (SHELL 1970) 
Apollo 13 (SHELL 1970). Shell Collectors Coin Apollo XIII 1970. Alu
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Dresdner Bank AG  Dresdner Bank AG 
Dresdner Bank AG. Mess hall token w/o date of the Dresdner Bank AG Hamburg-Eppendorf. Brass
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Ganter Brewerie 1970  Ganter Brewerie 1970 
Brewerie Ganter Freiburg Cu-Ni Medal 1970 by G. Krummacher, Menden/ Rheinland.
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
HADAG Ferry Token  HADAG Ferry Token 
HADAG Ferry Token. Ferry token w/o date of the Hamburger Seetouristik & Fhrdienst AG. Brass
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Medal w/o year on the debut performance of the Faust in Braunschweig 1829. Cu-Ni
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Konrad Adenauer  Konrad Adenauer 
Konrad Adenauer. Medal w/o date by Hellmut Diller. AG.
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Kreis-Kinder- und Jugendspartakiade  Kreis-Kinder- und Jugendspartakiade 
Kreis-Kinder- und Jugendspartakiade. Alu
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
Three Emperor Medal  Three Emperor Medal 
Three Emperor Medal. Made out of a coin 1 Mark 1874 (KM 7. J.9) with the portraits of the three Prussian Kings and German Emperors Guillaume I., Frederic III. and Guillaume II. AG
[incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping]
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Reichsbund Deutsche Familie
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